Welcome to the Chickenfox Store!

Right now, only commissioned trading cards and postcards are available. You can contact me for larger or specialized sizes. You can ask for Chickenfoxes doing anything, being anything, how ever many as you want (within reason, I can't fit 1,000 Chickenfoxes onto a trading card) or leave it up to me!

(Fanart Chickenfoxes of established works will be checked for original creator's rights. If a webcomic or movie or somebody does not want 2D fanart commissions of their original characters to be made, I will not go against their wishes.)

How to get your very own piece of original Chickenfox art:

1. Check out the Chickenfox Patreon!

2. Contact me here with your request (subject = Commission).

I will draw it and send you a watermarked thumbnail for your approval. If you approve, you will pay via Paypal (or mailing a cheque) and once I receive payment, you will receive a full resolution scan of the image as soon as possible (like if it's 2 am and I'm asleep, you'll get it when I wake up), and I will snail-mail the original to you.

If you want to be surprised, and don't want to see thumbnails or anything, I will need up front payment via Paypal only.

If you want it done by a certain day/time, let me know in your email so I can organize shipping, etc. If not specified, please allow 2 weeks (14 days) for the thumbnail and four (4) business days after your approval and payment for standard mail delivery within the US (more for international)

We probably need to exchange mailing addresses in order for this to work. I will either get this from your paypal or in your email. I promise I’m too lazy to stalk anyone, and that I’ll delete your address from my memory and computer after I have sent your art.

Trading card sized (2.5”x3.5”) art is $10.00 each.

Postcard sized (4"x6") art is $15.00 each.

Large Postcard sized (6"x9") art is $25.00 each.

A set of (~1"x1") vinyl stickers is 3 for $4.00, 6 for $6.00.

USPS Ground shipping is included.

I will ship internationally at no additional cost (but it will take a while to get to you unless you want to pay for fedex or something)

By ordering a commission, you agree to the terms below. Please read them before you click this.

Also make sure you have emailed me what you want and approve of the thumbnail I sent you, or that you include what you want in your Paypal order if you don't want to do the thumbnail thing as I outlined above.

6" x 9" Large Postcards now available!

Select a commission...

Commission and Copyright terms:

The art you are buying is yours to do whatever you want, within reason.

You may NOT:
  • Duplicate your commission for profit.
  • Sell replicas of your commission.
  • Claim that the artwork is your own work (don't post it on DeviantArt)
  • Remove my signature from the commission.
You MAY:
  • Post the commission's digital image on your website/Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook/etc., granted that you do not claim it as your own work and you do not remove my signature from it.
  • Linking back to ChickenfoxStudios.com is encouraged, but not mandatory. (see creative commons below for clarifications)
  • Run around showing all your friends what you got.
(see creative commons below for clarifications)

The commission I create for you is still my work, so I retain the right to post it on ChickenfoxStudios.com, where it maybe be shared via social networking sites like Tumblr and Facebook. If you do not want me to share your commission with ANYONE ELSE, please tell me so in your original email and we can work something out

Prices of commissions can change without notice. If you have already sent me an email, you will be charged the price that was in place at the time of your email.

©2016 Stephanie HW

Creative Commons License This work by Stephanie HW is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.