Inktober 10: Jump

Inktober 2016 10

Official Inktober prompt #10: Jump

I skipped day 10 for day 11, so to make up for it I made a little rough animation! Very rough. Maybe in November I’ll focus on doing animations as much as possible.


Faber-Castell, Ink Wash, Photoshop for animation.

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Inktober 11: Transport


Inktober 2016 11

Official Inktober prompt #11: Transport

The escaped Chickenfox finds and ally, and a lift!

Faber-Castell, Copic Multi Liner, and Ink Wash

(oops, I skipped day 10’s prompt! I’ll come back for that)

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Inktober 9: Broken

Inktober 2016 9

Official Inktober prompt #9: Broken

The adventure continues! The sad little Chickenfox has found an escape! But at what cost?

Faber-Castell, Copic Multi Liner and Ink Wash.

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Inktober 8: Rock

Inktober 2016 8

Official Inktober prompt #8: Rock

For Chickenfoxes, Sculpting is a team effort.

Sharpie and Fine Liner and Ink Wash

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Inktober 7: Lost

Inktober 2016 7

Official Inktober prompt #7: Lost

The Chickenfox got a little overzealous when digging her burrow. Help her get home to her nice warm nest!

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Inktober 6: Hidden

Inktober 6

Official Inktober prompt #6: Hidden

Okay so I didn’t get quite as detailed, but I need a little break. How about you all help me finish this one? ;)

Sharpie and Fine Liner

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Inktober 5: Sad

Inktober 2016 5

Official Inktober prompt #5: Sad

The relocation continues. Even though they get to see the landscapes rolling by, a certain little Chickenfox is getting pretty homesick…

Ink wash, Copic Multi Liner and Prismacolor Premier.

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Chickenfox Derby update: First Print!

I ordered a test print of the Chickenfox Derby game, just in time to take it to Geek Girl Con! It arrived the other day and I am really pleased to share it with you now:


Up until now, the Chickenfox game has been a bunch of hand-drawn cards tucked into card sleeves with old bicycle playing cards as support behind them.

Now, the game is one step closer to being real!

I wanted to have a playable set to take to conventions and playtesting nights, and have a reproducible set to reduce the risk of losing any of the original cards. I had to rush to get it printed in time, so this prototype has the original art, enhanced with fresh layout linework and text using a font made from my handwriting. The game also fits in a much smaller box when printed, which is very helpful!

There are a lot of things to tweak; a lot of text, rules, designs, and artwork to finalize, but it’s so satisfying to see the game progressing past a dream and into reality.

If you’re going to Geek Girl Con this weekend (October 8-9 in Seattle) please find me in the Gaming basement and give it a try! I’ll try to tweet my location on Twitter to make it easier to find me.

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Inktober 4: Hungry

Inktober 2016 4

Official Inktober prompt #4: Hungry

Two wild Purries have been sneaking out for play time with some domesticated Chickenfoxes. They ask their mother for all the tasty foods they’ve heard about.

Ink wash, Copic Multi Liner and Prismacolor Premier.

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Inktober 3: Collect

Inktober 2016 3

Official Inktober prompt #3: Collect.

Wild Chickenfoxes being collected for relocation. They’ll be tagged and released.

This Inktober was inspired by Doug Argue’s chicken factory painting that used to be at the Weisman Art Museum (I can’t believe such a massive piece is Untitled!)

I got sad when I was drawing it (especially the chicken wire) so I decided they’re being relocated, which is still sad but more hopeful than the alternatives. Stay tuned for more of their adventure, we may not see the last of them!

 Ink wash, Copic Multi Liner and Prismacolor Premier.
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