Inktober 3: Poison


Oh no! POISON?! …But it’s just ink, the Chickenfox will have a tummyache and then feel better. Don’t worry!

Brown Winsor and Newton drawing ink. And that’s it.


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Inktober 2: Divided


Blueprint with sections? Bad architecture puns + bugs.

Blue Winsor and Newton drawing ink, Zig blue brush pen, Graphix fineliner. These supplies came from the October 2017 Artsnacks box!


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Inktober 1: Swift


The first Inktober every year is kindof messy, I just need to get back into it and not be afraid of messing up. Like this time, I really loaded up the ink and then picked the thing up and DRIP!

Green Winsor and Newton drawing Ink and Sharpie Pen.


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Chickenfox by TheGreyNinja



A ferocious (or very happy to see you) Chickenfox by @TheGreyNinja!

Wandering around Emerald City Comic Con, GreyNinja’s high contrast and high action style really grabbed my attention, I had to see how he would draw a Chickenfox… I am definitely in love with what he came up with!

Check out TheGreyNinja’s works at his Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and prints from his store.

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Chickenfox by OMGcow (Sheika Lugtu)


Sheika Lugtu’s table at ECCC grabbed my attention with its brightness and her friendliness, so I of course had to get one of her unique commission offerings: Anything in a Jar!

The Chickenfox wasn’t quite as happy about being squeezed in there, but we’ll take him out, we promise!

Check out Sheika’s work at her website, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. She lends her confident and bold style to comics as part of the Ladydrawers, a group that investigates social and economic issues through the lens of sexuality, gender, and race.

Thank you, Sheika!

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Chickenfox by Pablo Leon



So cool! This year at Emerald City Comic Con, I commissioned a Chickenfox from Pablo Leon, who is a professional illustrator and animation designer with a really gorgeous style! This happy fellow is the result, and I’m really digging the loopy linework and flow of this piece.

You can check out Pablo’s work at his Artsypabster website and any of your favorite social medias: TumblrTwitter, and Instagram.

Pablo also writes and draws a very relevant and moving webcomic, Refugees, which is a compilation of true stories of people immigrating to the United States from Latin America (trigger warnings apply, they are not happy stories). It’s a difficult look into the lives they must flee and the horrors they go through to escape, beautifully illustrated and sensitively told.

One of my favorite things about conventions is coming home and finding all the amazing works of the people I commissioned, without knowing about them before.

Thank you, Pablo!

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Year of the Rooster


“What? It’s technically the year of half of me, so…”

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A little bit of Chickenfox mixed with a little bit of personal news! :)

I want 2017 to be a more colorful year (granted I have a handful of greytoned Inktobers to finish yet – I got a little distracted) and the media experimentation is really fun. This is drawing inks, liquid frisket, goauche, watercolors, acrylic paint in a spray bottle, and brush tipped inking pen.

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Happy New Year!


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Inktober 19: Flight

Inktober 2016 19

Official Inktober prompt #19: Flight

The junkyard had some useful stuff in it! The Chickenfox is starting to catch up to the others.

Ink wash, Prismacolor Premier pen.

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