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History of the Chickenfox:

The Chickenfox came to me one day in the course of a blink. I was half daydreaming when suddenly this image of strange creatures flashed into my mind. They ran through a dense wood, two legged, fuzzy, fox-faced, and bokking wildly. I couldn’t let this strange vision escape me, so I doodled it down:

…and have not stopped exploring the world of the Chickenfox since then. The little buggers surprise me every time, there is so much about them even I don’t know!

Here are some basic terms you might need to know in order to understand some of the horrible puns you will encounter:

The Chickenfox was first drawn in December of 2009. This website was launched April 1, 2012.


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Chickenfoxes love to be flattered, photographed and drawn. Fanart is appreciated and can be sent to chickenfox@chickenfoxstudios.com to be featured on this site!


Hey, if there are any frequently asked questions, I’ll put them here! Start asking them frequently!

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About Stephanie:

Wow, you are DEDICATED, getting down to this section and actually reading it!
I was born in 1985 and was raised in a small town near Seattle, Washington. I went to the University of Washington and studied Architecture. While there, I met a guy who would later become my husband. Because of him, we moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota for three years and I got my Masters of Architecture. We are now back in Washington and enjoying all the friends and family we missed for so long.

Copyright Notice:

Copyright Notice: I reserve all rights to the Chickenfox character in design, likeness, anatomy, and all associations therein as well as the name Chickenfox as applied to the aforementioned character design. I make no claims of ownership over ChickenFox™ which is an unrelated brand featuring a stylized fox owned by ChickenFox LLC.

I do not claim rights to any costumes they might be wearing or people they are impersonating.


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