Chickenfox by Pablo Leon

March 28th, 2017



So cool! This year at Emerald City Comic Con, I commissioned a Chickenfox from Pablo Leon, who is a professional illustrator and animation designer with a really gorgeous style! This happy fellow is the result, and I’m really digging the loopy linework and flow of this piece.

You can check out Pablo’s work at his Artsypabster website and any of your favorite social medias: TumblrTwitter, and Instagram.

Pablo also writes and draws a very relevant and moving webcomic, Refugees, which is a compilation of true stories of people immigrating to the United States from Latin America (trigger warnings apply, they are not happy stories). It’s a difficult look into the lives they must flee and the horrors they go through to escape, beautifully illustrated and sensitively told.

One of my favorite things about conventions is coming home and finding all the amazing works of the people I commissioned, without knowing about them before.

Thank you, Pablo!

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