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October Stuff

September 30th, 2016

October 8-9 – GeekGirlCon in Seattle!

GGC is one of my favorite conventions I’ve been to, so I’ve been preparing to attend with my Ambassador Plushie Chickenfox and a printed demo of the Chickenfox Derby game! I don’t have a table (maybe next year?) but I’ve been told I’m allowed to take the demo to the basement gaming room for play testing.

If you’re going to the Convention and want to find me, I will be attempting to tweet my locations on twitter at @ChickenfoxSTU. If you see me PLEASE don’t be afraid to say hi!!! Meet/hug the Chickenfox, get a picture (the kind where later I draw your cosplay), and get a sticker, I have loads of them just for you!

Also check out my pals at Valorous Games at booth 624!
You can see the final product of my layout work in their Valor RPG system book, and learn more about the next book, Villains Creatures and Foes, which is my next project for them!

October Patreon

If you’re interested in joining the Chickenfox Patreon, you have until the end of Friday (September 30) to become a Patron and get in on the October Patron rewards (including traditional art commission tiers – you’ll get a physical piece of art in October if you get in by the end of the day)

I updated all the art tiers to include immediate (no payment delay) digital request doodles, as well as a $4 tier that is just digital art, for those on a budget. Let’s see how it goes!

The Future Projects Poll has been really helpful! Thank you to everyone who has submitted a response! I’m still taking responses, if you haven’t had a chance to do it yet. It’s really short and helps me a lot :)

There’s definitely some stuff you all want that I didn’t foresee being so popular, and I’m really excited to do them!
I was reminded about how slow (and bad) I am at sewing and took Plushies off the list… but there are still the write-ins asking for them! So I’m starting to learn how to make it happen. Look out for a future poll about plushies. IT WILL HAPPEN. Just… it might take a while.

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