Atari Chickenfox

February 19th, 2015


I really want to try my hand at animating but I always try to take on too many things at once and have grandiose ideas of what it’s going to look like or what the Chickenfox is going to do. So this time I didn’t really try to do anything too complicated, just a very simple (actually way too simple) walk and jump, like playing pitfall on my grandparent’s Atari when I was a kid.

Then I accidentally made it the first time I animated directly in Photoshop and the first time I did pixel art (too small) in Photoshop (instead of Paint! I feel so grown up) so it got complicated anyway. *ironic trombone noise*

But I’m determined to get better at animating! And now I’m excited to make better things than this.

Oh man, this is pretty awful.

(Bonus! Original size, oops:)


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