November 3-4, 2011


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November 1-2, 2011


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Chickenfox Chair




The first Chickenfox Chair, maybe one of many? Just an old paint-splattered chair and trying out some media I’m not good at (spray paint)

(Protip: If you use clear sealant paint at the end, it will blur your sharpie and acrylic and made the chrome paint not as glossy)

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Chickenfox Deadpool

Chickenfox Deadpool

Quick comic book doodle I did right before the Brian Posehn show. I miss doing comic book Chickenfoxes!

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Nerd Poker: The Original Group

Nerd Poker

Chickenfox-ed D&D characters from the awesome “Nerd Poker – Dungeons & Dragons with Brian Posehn & Friends” podcast.

El Ryan – High Elf Shaman (deceased) played by Gerry Duggan
Mildred Maxxton – Dwarf Figher played by Sarah Guzzardo
Sir Richard of Glinishmore – Human Paladin played by Gerry Duggan
Damien Wormwood Darkenmyre РHuman Priest of Judas (haha) played by Brian Posehn
Bartho Shett Boral – Dragonborn Fighter played by Ken Daly
Blackee Green РHalf-Elf Warlock played by Blaine Capatch
Amarth Amon – Goliath Barbarian (deceased) played by Brian Posehn

Dungeon Master – Sark

I gave the art and some stickers to Brian Posehn after a show in Seattle on Saturday, and the gang opened the envelope on this week’s Episode 90: Smell the Weird Rope. So if you’ve wandered over here after listening to Nerd Poker, welcome! I hope the Chickenfoxes are metal enough for you.

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Olympics 2014: Curling


Chickenfoxes, though good at skating on ice with their bare feet, have a hard time getting enough traction to push the heavier Curling stones.

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Olympics 2014: Nordic Combined


Making a mistake in Nordic Combined can be especially disastrous and embarrassing.

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Olympics 2014: Alpine Skiing


Since Chickenfoxes enjoy skiing (it’s a great way for them to travel on snow) they find special pride in showing off their maneuvering abilities.

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Olympics 2014: Ice Hockey


After years of trying to play with Hockey sticks and leg and nose attachments, Chickenfoxes finally decided to tape up their tails and use them in this competitive team sport. Smacking the puck around with their tails has actually proved much more accurate than any of their previous attempts.

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Olympics 2014: Bobsleigh


Chickenfoxes, due to their flocking abilities, are good at the teamwork required for Bobsleigh. After the initial frantic scramble to jump into their sleigh, they work in unison to the control and steer the projectile.

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