Olympics 2016: The Biles

Rio2016 Biles

The Chickenfoxes have been really impressed by Simone Biles’ performance during these Olympics. Since imitation is the highest form of flattery, they have adapted her signature floor exercise move to celebrate her!

Of course, they had to take out the handsprings, but they tried!


A making-of video for this animation will be shared with Patreon patrons this month :)
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Olympics 2016: Sailing (part 1)

Rio2016 Sailing1

Chickenfoxes and water have a strained relationship, and they much prefer skirting along the top of it to being inside of it.

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Patreon is live!

Chickenfox working Image

Well, I did the thing! Chickenfox Studios is now on Patreon!

Patreon is a website that helps fans support creators with monthly donations. In return, I’ll provide extra content and early access to my patrons.

My goal is to create more Chickenfoxes, more consistently.

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Olympics 2016: Throwing (Track & Field)

Rio2016 Throwing

Throwing things is a difficult prospect for a creature with no arms. Luckily, it is a challenge Chickenfoxes face on the regular, having to balance or use their tails to move things they can’t push around with their noses. Each throwing item presents its own special difficulties, and requires a different tactical use of feet and tail.


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Olympics 2016: Fencing

Rio2016 Fencing

When Chickenfoxes were introduced to the sport of fencing, they initially focused on the basics and refining their equipment. Now that they have perfected their swordmasks and padded jackets, they have taken on the three weapons as separate styles.

Foil – Using only the point of the blade, the target is the torso. Head, leg and tail touches do not count.
Epee – Using only the point of the blade, the target is the whole body.
Sabre –  The entire blade can be used (thrusts and cuts both count), the target is everything above the waist (hits to the the tail do not count).

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Olympics 2016: Synchronized Diving

Rio2016 Synchronized Diving

It takes years of training for Chickenfox divers to overcome their fear of water in order to plunge facefirst into it. It’s actually easier for them to dive with a friend. It’s dangerous to go alone.


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Olympics 2016: Jumping (Track & Field)

Rio2016 Jumping

Chickenfoxes love jumping because it’s the closest they can get to flying. Their strong little legs give them loads of momentum and launching power to begin with, so athletes in these sports are exemplary specimens of the species and are highly regarded by their peers.

They are especially fond of jumping into sand, since this is part of an important naming ritual that all chickenfoxes go through when they are young.

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Olympics 2016: Basketball

Rio2016 Basketball

They’re not very good at dribbling the ball… or passing the ball… or putting the ball in the basket. But they are pretty good at jumping. Which is a skill needed in basketball, but not the only one.

Needless to say, they are low-scoring games.

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Olympics 2016: Cycling Road Race

Rio2016 Road Race

As Chickenfox cycling technology advances, so do the events! Using their tails and bodies to balance, the unicycling athletes reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, making the 150 mile road race very exciting… but very long.

By the end of the event, most of the racers are ready for a three-day nap, which they also undertake in a competitive fashion.

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The chickenfox poses with some fabulous Blacksad cosplayers during ECCC. Not gonna lie, we saw them taking pictures and lurked around until they were done – too cool! Adding another must-read to my comics list.

Thank you for taking time from the convention to pose for me!

(If you are or know these cosplayers, please let me know and I will link to you/them!)

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