Chickenfox Stands Up


I did say I’d try again! A Chickenfox standing up and looking around.

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Atari Chickenfox


I really want to try my hand at animating but I always try to take on too many things at once and have grandiose ideas of what it’s going to look like or what the Chickenfox is going to do. So this time I didn’t really try to do anything too complicated, just a very simple (actually way too simple) walk and jump, like playing pitfall on my grandparent’s Atari when I was a kid.

Then I accidentally made it the first time I animated directly in Photoshop and the first time I did pixel art (too small) in Photoshop (instead of Paint! I feel so grown up) so it got complicated anyway. *ironic trombone noise*

But I’m determined to get better at animating! And now I’m excited to make better things than this.

Oh man, this is pretty awful.

(Bonus! Original size, oops:)


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For the TumblrKart meme! And because Chickenfoxes driving Chickenfox-shaped cars are fun.

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Goblin Week 2015

Goblin Week is a week of goblin art, started by Rice Boy creator Evan Dahm. This year I tried to Goblinify these Chickenfoxes!

Goblin Week 1

Goblin Week 2

Goblin Week 3

Goblin Week 4

Goblin Week 5

Goblin Week 6

Goblin Week 7

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Trying new things

Trying out Mischief, the vector sketching program… this is pretty intense!

I can zoom in or out FOREVER




But really, what more is there to even see?

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Chickenfox claw art


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A 2014 Meme to kick off 2015


Chickenfoxes big and small
Also crave that mineral
(Featuring weird Himalayan salt lamp)

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November 3-4, 2011


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November 1-2, 2011


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Chickenfox Chair




The first Chickenfox Chair, maybe one of many? Just an old paint-splattered chair and trying out some media I’m not good at (spray paint)

(Protip: If you use clear sealant paint at the end, it will blur your sharpie and acrylic and made the chrome paint not as glossy)

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