Heart of the Home

Chickenfox in the House

Someday, when the siding gets put back onto the house, this Chickenfox will be sealed forever into the house.

(Sorry for the spread-out and late updates. We’ve been getting some important chores done around here!)

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Brunch Coasters

brunch coaster2

brunch coaster1

brunch coaster3

I’m always curious if anyone finds these coasters after I doodle on them and comes to the website to check what it’s all about.

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The Ministry of Silly Boks


Of course, Chickenfoxes are usually wary of Pythons.

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Cryptid 1: Bigfoot


I’ve been listening to a lot of fun podcasts lately, mostly about ghosts and cryptozoology and aliens, so I thought I’d do a series of Chickenfox cryptids :)

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Sundried Chickenfox

Sundried Chickenfox
Crayon shavings in the sun for several hours over the course of three hot summer days.

Of course the white crayon didn’t melt at all…

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I just love playing with animation, even if they’re super basic and not very well timed… (the plant bounces back up in such a leisurely manner… that can’t be right.)

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Chickenfox Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Party Chickenfox

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Animation Exercise 1: Bounce!

I’m working through a series of little animation exercises, only with Chickenfoxes. Here’s a Chickenfox bouncing in place, with no decay (doesn’t slow down)

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Summer bouncing

Feeling really nostalgic for the neighbors’ big trampoline lately…

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zigzag coasters

Tonight is my 5-year Anniversary with my husband! Enjoy these Chickenfoxes I drew at ZigZag!

(ZigZag is an amazing bar halfway up a lot of steps from the Seattle waterfront to iconic Pike Place Market- they use blank coasters!)

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