The Chickenfox posed with the giant Funko Pop Groot at ECCC! This was fun to draw… not actually cosplay in the least but still fun!

It’s always weird to me when other people standing by take pictures of the Chickenfox posing… I don’t think they know what he is or why or anything, so I wonder what they think when they look at the photos later… if you’re one of those people, share your pictures with me!

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Harley Quinn & Katana


There was a lot of buzz at ECCC about the upcoming Suicide Squad movie! The Chickenfox found these great Harley Quinn and Katana cosplayers and had to find out what the hype was about!



Thanks for posing for me!

(If you are or you know these cosplayers, let me know and I will link to you/them!)

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Leeloo and Zorg


I was a little timid on my first day of ECCC, I didn’t want to bother the cosplayers because they all looked like they were bustling around doing their own thing. But we took a break outside and spotted these two cosplayers, completely unrelated. They slowly seemed to gravitate towards each other, and as soon as they ran into each other I scurried up to get a picture with the Chickenfox!

My collection of Fifth Element characters grows!


(If you are or you know these cosplayers, please let me know and I will link to you/them!)

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Weeping Angel


So this is a funny story:

I was guiding my BFF and her aunt around ECCC, and her aunt asked “What is SHE dressed as?”
We were in a big, slow moving traffic jam behind this Weeping Angel, so I explained about how this character was one of the most terrifying monsters in the Doctor Who canon, and turned to her to show how the Angels creep up when your eyes are closed.
When I turned back, this cosplayer whipped around and made her scariest face at me and I totally jumped, much to the amusement of everybody.

She reeeeeally got me. HARD.

So you might say she owed me this picture with the Chickenfox ;)


(If you are or know this cosplayer, let me know and I’ll link to you/them!)

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Chickenfox by Melanie Gillman


I have a hard crush on Melanie Gillman’s amazing color pencil skills, and their sweet autobiographic comics… and pretty much everything else they draw. I got to meet Melanie at ECCC this year and asked them to draw me a Chickenfox – the results are this awesome adorableness!

I love everything about this, and my favorite part is how the lines are layers and layers of different colors all built up!

Please see more of Melanie’s art on their website (including the As the Crow Flies comic), tumblr and comics.

Thank you, Melanie!

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Chickenfox by Blue Delliquanti


The Chickenfox and I were thrilled to meet DINKy-award winning artist Blue Delliquanti at ECCC! As she drew this adorable Chickenfox, we were amused by the fact that she came all the way out from Minneapolis – and I lived there for three years! I really should have gotten involved in the art scene there, so many great people I missed…

See Blue’s art on her website, tumblr and OF COURSE read O Human Star! (and then, heck, check out the patreon to support the comic!)

Thanks for the Chickenfox and for signing my copy of Beyond, Blue!

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Chickenfox by Kevin Konrad Hanna

I’m not sure how it happened that the Chickenfox and I were fortunate enough to meet Kevin Konrad Hanna at ECCC 2016… but we did! And he was kind enough to draw a Chickenfox for us while we stood there and gawked and asked really obvious questions (“Is that an eraser?” – somebody stop my mouth before it embarrasses me even more)


Kevin is ummm… like a really big deal. Check out his latest work at and Tumblr, and learn more about his award-winning comics, The Clockwork Girl and Creature Academy.

Seriously, thank you Kevin!


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Chickenfox by Jonathan La Mantia

The Artist Alley at ECCC was overwhelming, but Jonathan La Mantia‘s highly detailed art called to us, so we said hi and the Chickenfox posed for a portrait.


Go check out Jonathan’s Facebookgallery and shop! Lots of really great creatures and landscapes await, with enough depth in them to get lost for days.

Thank you Jonathan!

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Chickenfox by Abby Howard

This year we rolled right from SakuraCon to Emerald City Comic Con with hardly any break between!

My first stop was to meet the incomparable Abby Howard, where I made awkward noises while she drew the Chickenfox for me!


Check out Abby’s awesome comics, Junior Scientist Power HourThe Last Halloween, and Terror Town. She is also on a podcast. This is a very busy person I am linking you to. Seriously, go check it all out. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you, Abby!

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Mario and Luigi


It’sa me, Mario!

While Wario and Waluigi get plenty of love from the SakuraCon 2016 crowd, the Chickenfox is a big fan of the good guys. Thanks to these Koopa-combat ready cosplayers for posing for me!


(If you are or you know these cosplayers, let me know and I’ll link to you/them!)

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