Tie-Dye Some stylized #chickenfox goodness for the end of summer. The August @scrawlrbox featured the new Chameleon fineliner pens (from @chameleon_art_products) and I kinda love them. These were “blended” for 20 seconds each blend. #chickenfoxstudios

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Summer chalking, directing people to my broken website ? should have sent them here instead!

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June 2019

June Artsnacks doodles, interesting how different colors of water soluble marker react to water. Also having fun with masking fluid!
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A quick snuggle with the March #Artsnacks. It’s that thing where you get a new #chickenfox purrie as a pet and she misses her mom, so you use a stuffed animal surrogate. #chickenfoxstudios #artsnackschallenge

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#creasemas Day 24: Lobster! ???? Under the seeeea, under the seeeea…! ???? #chickenfox #chickenfoxstudios

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#creasemas Day 23: Swan! With a very long-tailed “Fennec”-style #Chickenfox #chickenfoxstudios

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#creasemas 22: Seahorse Used a two-color seahorse pattern with a not-favorite-combo two-sided color paper :-/ Obviously I am VERY behind on this! #chickenfox #ChickenfoxStudios

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#creasemas Day 21: Dinosaur! RAWR! #chickenfox #chickenfoxstudios

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Determined to complete the #creasemas challenge! Day 20: Chick Ironically this pattern didn’t translate into a very satisfying #Chickenfox. #chickenfoxstudios

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#creasemas Day 19: Fly! Shoo! #chickenfox #chickenfoxstudios

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