Animation Exercise 1: Bounce!

I’m working through a series of little animation exercises, only with Chickenfoxes. Here’s a Chickenfox bouncing in place, with no decay (doesn’t slow down)

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Summer bouncing

Feeling really nostalgic for the neighbors’ big trampoline lately…

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zigzag coasters

Tonight is my 5-year Anniversary with my husband! Enjoy these Chickenfoxes I drew at ZigZag!

(ZigZag is an amazing bar halfway up a lot of steps from the Seattle waterfront to iconic Pike Place Market- they use blank coasters!)

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Experimenting with special markers on glass tiles still. To become magnets and pushpins!

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Night out – tips

 It’s been a while since I did some coaster Chickenfoxes.  

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Regular Bok


With Mortdecai and Rigby!

Now get back to work or YOU’RE FIRED!

(Regular Show)

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Steven Chickenfox and the Crystal Boks


We~ are the Crystal Boks
We’ll always save the day~

(Steven Universe)

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Experimenting with stone and glass tiles for Chickenfox pushpins and magnets.
These are 1/2″x1/2″ white quartz (I think)

I want to see how they hold up  when used by a coworker in my office – I suspect they need an acrylic sealant or some kind of treatment like that to keep the chickenfoxes on there!

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Orvyn and Chickenfox Cosplay


The Chickenfox and Orvyn the dragon do some crossover cosplaying!

Orvyn is the official cutie mascot of Valorous Games! Orvyn and Chickenfox hung out together during Sakuracon and decided to confuse everyone.

The Valor hardcover is currently in production and will be available in June! Check it out – see what I’ve been up to lately! It’s finally finished! YAY!

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Juniper Chickenfoxes


The great duo over at (Carrie and Sarah) have reached the three year anniversary mark! And Juniper is such a great and beautiful comic that I had to Chickenfoxify the cast to celebrate: Carl the Worm, Berry the Unicorn, the lightbulb sprites, Douglas the Dragon, and Mavis the Landlady.

Go check it out, if you like colorful characters, fantasy-slice-of-life, and very reliable weekly updates, then you’ll love Juniper!

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